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Acolytes exists in the space between detailed sound craft and unruly sonic entropy. A place of unorthodoxy filled with the demolition of language, tropes, functions, machinery. In 'Stress II', his first Haunter release, London-based producer Denesh Shan creates a meme-like re-imagination of free improvisation through the lens of sample manipulation, drifting from bewildered percussion hits to utter tonal deflagration. This renders the tape a peculiar soup of electronic dirt in which vocal clippings of circlejerk online discourse and glitch ridden discord mirror a headspace filled with hundreds of conflicting thoughts. Inspiration and sound sources re-trace the producer's personal history, while delving into low-grade internet folklore and transglobal dance music. The chaos generated by such a radical approach is but a folk song for the contemporary experience, a set of angular emotional vectors sublimated into borderline spiritual energy.

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