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Listening to TTNG's Animals ten years later is still as fun and vibrant as the first listen of the English band's breakout 2008 debut album. Most bands will opt for a remastered album with new artwork and maybe some liner notes written from a close friend and fellow artist. The active members of TTNG wanted to do something a bit extra. In a quick, two week turnaround, the band recorded Animals Acoustic, which also features more than liner notes, but musical contributions from the band's friends and contemporaries. Nate Kinsella (Birthmark, American Football, Make Believe) recorded string arrangements found throughout the new release. The Kraken Quartet are featured on some of the band's fan favourites: "Chinchilla", "Baboon" and "Gibbon". Yvette Young of Covet turns "Crocodile" into a delicate piano ballad. The Mivos Quartet, Vicky Tremain and Andy Hume contribute even more depth to an album of reassembled songs. "Badger" is one of the more stellar revisions of Animals Acoustic. The original galloped in stride between the Collis brothers' guitar and drumming. Its Acoustic counterpart is the background of walking through a refined art exhibit, as The Mivos Quartet add a string arrangement that changes the tempo while still building beautiful nuance that compliments the song's original form. The Mivos Quartet also turns "Dog" into a complete symphonic performance. Fans will still recognize a lot of Animals key moments within its acoustic rework. The opening guitar start and stop of "Gibbon" is present on its adaptation, but the moments of urgency within the song are at times quelled by slowed tempos and a stripping of instruments that leave space between the margins. The later accompaniment of bells and xylophone from The Kraken Quartet add new timbre to a fan favorite, as they do in the latter parts of "Chinchilla". Animals Acoustic isn't a simple rebuild that one would normally expect to hear when anticipating an acoustic album.

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