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Moonshine Reunion took the twisting road between rockabilly and country on the acclaimed 'Sex, Trucks & Rock 'n' Roll'. To raise the stakes for their second album, the band hopped on a plane to Chicago. In the analog Hi-Style Recording Studio, a baker's dozen of new songs and the traditional 'Dirty Old Town' were immortalized on tape by Jimmy Sutton, cohort of Deke Dekerson. Mr. Sutton certainly laid down the sound they deserve. Spinning 'Tired Of Drivin' with the volume wide open comes damn close to the Moonshine Reunion live experience. The doghouse bass seems bigger, while the amps have twang flying from their tubes. At times Sutton himself joins in on baritone guitar and Alex Hall, his bandmate from The Del Moroccos, on piano. Roots galore, from pedal steel melancholy to rollicking boom-chugga-boom and honky tonkin' swing, rounding off with tex-mex juice. No-one gets tired of drivin' with such riches rocking on the stereo.

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