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Arbouretumàhas been called "the best of the millennial classic rock bands, a guitar-fuzzed powerhouse." The band, founded by guitarist and vocalistàDave Heumann, effortlessly weaves its melodies and guitar solos with the often hypnotic rhythms of bassistàCorey Allenderàand drummeràBrian Careyàaround the deliberate keyboard ofàMatthew Pierceàto lift the vocals. The results are a full sound delivered with a striking sense of intimacy. Throughout their time together, the Baltimore-based band have been praised for their ability to weave elaborate vocal lines, and guitar solos that often unravel into extended improvisation, but never with as much finesse as onà<em>Song of the Rose</em>. In less practiced hands, these ideas could easily fall into contrivance, but onà<em>Song of the Rose,</em>àArbouretum use these elements to perfect their craft of storytelling in song, both lyrically and sonically.Arbouretum recordedà<em>Song of the Rose</em>àin withàSteve WrightàatàWrightway Studios. While previous records were recorded in a matter of days,à<em>Song of the Rose</em>àtook weeks. Attention to production details augment their time-tested emphasis on capturing the energy of performance.à<em>Song of the Roseà</em>is the first time the band has mixed withàKyle Spenceàat his studios in Athens, GA (Kurt Vile,àLuke Roberts,àHarvey Milk).At the root of the songs and compositions onà<em>Song of the Roseà</em>is the concept of balance. As is true for the movements of Tai Chi, of which Dave Heumann is an avid practitioner, each motion both musical and lyrical has an equal but opposite motion, that works together harmoniously. "Woke Up On The Move" pores over nature's beauty as much as it heeds the warning of humankind's destructive potential.àThe variations that result from the constant push and pull throughoutà<em>Song of the Rose</em>àmake Arbouretum's music as arresting as it is thoughtful. The lyrical imagery makes it masterful.Arbouretum's lyrics explore elements of philosophy, mysticism, redemption, and th...

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