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AAR is back! Since his 2018 Haunter debut, Giorgio Di Salvo got us all hooked on his elusive, shifty, even mocking approach to rave muzak, sometimes even toying with the very idea of record and physical release in an unapologetically cheeky manner. His latest oblation doesn't disappoint. Di Salvo opted to master his own music in ultra-HD, coming up, if you like, with some kind of format specific experimentation. To put it simply: 'High Resolution Music' comes only as a limited edition of 50 DVDiskettes. No DSPs, no CD and absolutely no vinyl: these tracks are meant to be listened in detail-revealing magnitude_ Or are they? There is no way to know for sure_ That's unless you buy the release of course. And at this point, do you need us to describe the content of the music? Alright, well: in this one, the scope of Di Salvo's ADVANCED AUDIO RESEARCH is as broad as they come, riffing and jamming and riffing on manic hardcore motor-beats as well as slow acid juggernauts, eerily decomposed ill-steppas and gloriously intelligent melodic bits. Comes along with a self-compiled zine of photos of Warthogs because why not.

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